SPECTACULAR VISIT ( 3 - 4 hours)

We will attend a “tentadero”[1] in the “plaza de tientas”[2] or in the open field, the purpose of which is to determine the fierceness of the bull or cow.


The quietness and nobleness of the bull in the field, transforms into something “spectacular” when it faces a human being.

In the “tentadero”, through the “game” with the bull or cow, it is determined who will be the “mothers and fathers” of the cattle breeding ranch. In the silence of the countryside, broken only by the words of the breeder, and in the company of professionals on the issue, we will be able to learn the aspects and details that are kept in mind when deciding the future and personality of the stock.

We will observe how the bull or cow charges with a single gesture or movement from the human.

[1] Test done to the bulls and cows to taste their fierceness

[2] Ring dedicated to said activity


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