José Mª Ramos, creator of “Bull Watch Cádiz”, native of Madrid, resident of  Sevilla, and great connoisseur of the province of Cádiz. University Expert on Direction of Bull-Fighting Shows, Bull aficionado from an early age, habitual runner of the “San Fermín” bull runs, Nature lover, President and Founder of the only Association of Practical Aficionados of Sevilla, contributor to specialized media, Expert on Popular Bull-Fighting Culture, Participant in the only Transhumances that are still done in Spain with Bulls, avid traveler interested in learning the origin of what he enjoys and likes the most: The Bull.

BullWatchCAdizSalto Garrocha

For all these reasons, due to the knowledge we accumulate, given the direct experience we have with the product we offer, and the passion with which we live our experiences with the Bull, and because we want to make known the Bull in its natural habitat, “Bull Watch Cádiz” is a very interesting initiative to discover all that is unknown or that is not within reach for everyone who wishes to get to know this unique breed.

 We offer maximum quality because we know perfectly what we offer. We are true experts and that makes us different.

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