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Exclusive visit to a bull breeding ranch in Cadiz.

Discover the secrets of the bull´s life.Enjoy the bull in the midst of nature.Incredible experience at the reach of very few people.

Bull Watch Cádiz” is an excellent way to discover a unique animal, to enjoy in a spectacular natural environment, to perceive a spiritual equilibrium between human being and animal, to get to know a way of life, to witness live how one of the most wonderful animals in the world is raised: El Toro Bravo.[1]

Andalucía is the region of Spain where more cattle breeding ranches exist, and the provinces of Cádiz and Seville are world reference in the breeding of this beautiful animal, due to quantity and quality in their rearing.

Our goal is not to create a spectacle, a protocol to be followed, or to standardize something as difficult as is the development of nature itself; our basis and way of working is to make known what traditionally has been done, without altering any elements of nature or the life of the animal.

Our visits are completely original, innovative, and exclusive, as they are once in a lifetime by the mere fact that the animals do not behave in the same way every day, the weather changes, because seasons change the landscape of the cattle breeding ranches at every moment of the year, and because what you experience in the countryside is always unique and unrepeatable.

The Toro de Lidia[2], unique breed in the animal kingdom due to its morphology and behavior, does not live alone in the countryside; with him, cows, studs, bull calves, live together surrounded by a great diversity of animals from other species (horses, deer, birds), and thanks to this biodiversity, a unique environmental structure is created, maintained and developed in the Iberian peninsula: The Pasture.

We do not create anything, se simply offer the possibility of getting to know something unique from a completely natural point of view.

Simplicity, authenticity, maximum quality and proximity are our distinguishing features.

[1] The popular name of the Toro de Lidia or Fighting/Fierce Bull.
[2] See previous note

 “We change your feelings by creating new sensations”

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